Across The Nullarbor !

Day 2 – Drove 282 Km’s

Camped 1 night at Ten Mile Rocks Campsite

Day 3 – Drove 440 Km’s

Camped 1 night at Moodini Bluff

Day 4 – Drove 328 Km’s

Camped 1 night at Mallabie Parking Area

Day 5 - Drove 452 Km’s

Each of these campsites has been great . They are simple, big and at each site we have found a great secluded place to set up our tent , cook dinner and lite a fire . Each was enjoyable and beautiful. We could have stayed longer at these places if we had time but we needed to get to the other side quickly so pressed on.

We stopped in at the super pit lookout in Kalgoorlie , It is a quick stop but worth it to see just how but this pit really is .

We crossed the Nullarbor !! Wow ! That is a long road but it was great ! It gives you a some sense of just how big this country is , at how much untouched country there is out there. It was a smooth and easy drive and there where lots of great campsites, road houses and look outs to enjoy ! we didn’t see much wildlife other than a few cows. We crossed the border into South Australia which was exciting but a rather non event as you just drive thought . We were unsure of how the fruit and Veg quarantine worked so got rid of all of fresh things as this point but later discover the point to declare and dispose of your fruit and veggies came much later as you entered Ceduna.

After this much driving and one-night camping we were all getting a bit on edge and knew we needed to find a nice place to spend a day just relaxing and doing little odd jobs that you don’t get time for when you are trying to squeeze lots of km’s into a day.

The kids have surprised us how well they did with all this driving but definitely needed a break and a little bit more fun and freedom. Our car can get very noisy ! the kids sing, laugh , pretend to be dinosaurs, tigers or monsters , make silly faces, throw their teddies around, play hide and seek in the curtains and the list goes on. On any normal day this may seem a bit extreme but we need to give them a bit more space to do silly things nd have fun that doesn’t endanger our driving, after all they are strapped into a seat for a long time and I think this is one thing that has helped make this trip more enjoyable . It’s just letting go of “normal “ expectations .We aren’t trying to make our kids be perfect in the car , we are expecting too much from them, we are letting them have some space to have fun and not worrying about how it might “look “ to an outsider .

We looked for a campsite around the Streaky Bay area the first beach we found was not good, it was a small carpark right on the beach and was super windy, so we became a little anxious that we had left the Nullarbor and lots of great outback campsites for nothing … but we went on as really that’s all we could do … we drove through the little Streaky bay town which is very cute and looked like it had a nice caravan park but coming from a place where you had entire campsite to yourself and endless space to roam and play it seemed like we would just be another sardine in the can … so again we went on . We headed on a dirty road that followed the bay out of town for about 20kms when we found a absolutely amazing spot !!

This is where I am writing from now . We are up on a little cliff top in a small cove, we are alone and only about 2 cars drive past a day . We having an amazing view to the calm waters from our bed . We make a fire at night and although there is a bit of wind at night it is nothing to worry about . It is calm and peaceful . The sound of the water washing in and out and the birds are the only noises here . This is to us a perfect campsite and we are having a great day relaxing . This is our kind of Camping !

The kids played on the sand at low tide this morning while Bila and I drank our coffees at the top of the cliff watching the sunrise . We did a little tidy up , made toasted sandwiches for lunch and had nice warm showers , thanks to our Hottap hot water system ! Bianca is having a nice nap in her cot and Bila and I also had a nice little nap too ! Bila has fixed an issue we were having with our spot light that was blowing a fuse and so often and a few other bits that you only notice once you are on the road !

There is no stress we are enjoying having time to just sit and enjoy what we have achieved so far .

We will pack up tonight so we can get an early start for another big day of driving tomorrow !


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