Barossa Family Catch Up !

So we have just spent 3 nights in the Baroosa Valley SA .

It is an absolutely stunning part of the country with it's beautiful rolling hills , rows of vineyards and old stone buildings ! The colours at sunset are amazing and as a photographer I could spend a lot more time here exploring and taking photos but our time is limited and really the main purpose of this part of our trip was to meet up with Bila's brother , Peter , his wife Zsofi and their 3 daughters Sara, Nora and Panni . They hired a Mighty camper van and travelled up from Melbourne to meet us !

We arrived late after a long day of driving to the Discovery Caravan Park in Tununda , a town of the Barossa region and we were meet with a very warm welcome on a very cold night . After a week of free camping this was our first night in a caravan park, so it was nice to be able to do some washing ( especially as we had another day of vomiting in the car that not only claimed Bianca , But Luke and Myself too !! Bianca started to cry and as Bila notice she was sick again he quickly pulled off the road he was asking me to help but I was already gaging and needed to get out the car asap and when we stopped we looked at Luke and notice he too was sick from all that was happening ! Bila braved all this disgustingness and cleaned up the car and I changed the kids soon we were laughing calling our car the " Vomit Commit " , when there is nothing else you can do ahving a good laugh healps a lot ! ) We had nice long hot showers and I washed my hair finally . The caravan park itself was very nice and had lots of great facilities A pool , water play area , jumping pillow , playground , 4 wheel bikes and soon a fire pit . It was mostly empty and quiet but it was still a little hard to get use after we had been alone for so long . We enjoyed our 3 nights here but we are really looking forward to getting back to OUR camping .

It was our 8 year wedding anniversary and we celebrated by doing a wine tasting and having dinner out at the local pub " The club house " which had a child play area , when you have 5 kids in toe it's a good idea to choose somewhere they can feel good too as otherwise it can become too stressful trying to make them behave in an environment they don't really like . Our kids are very use to going out and can sit still for a short while but really at the age they are now it is best if they can have a bit of freedom too . It was a fun night and as it was only an easy 1 km walk back to the caravan park it was enjoyable for everyone as noone needed to drive and we could let our dinner settle as he meal sizes were very large !

The next day we hired a 9 seater van from Gawler & Barossa Car and Truck Rental , It was about $165/day and we picked it up from gawler which was about 20 minutes away from us in Tununda. We then headed our for lunch and to do some wine tastings in our luxury mini bus full of kids !! It was a great experience but you need to realise that doing wine tastings with kids is very different than if you are just on your own and the wineries that cater for children were far more enjoyable for all if us . Most of the wineries we went to charged a $5 tasting fee that was then redeemable on a purchase of wine . As much as you would think you are buying right from the producer and there for the wine would be cheaper , this is not the case . You are better of buying the wines from a bottle shop but really you are here for the whole experience and the scenery and I can see why so many people choose this area for holidays but it does come at a cost as everything here is catering to tourists .

The best part of the barossa was being together as a Big BAKONYI Family Group ! It is great to go camping with family and friends ! The kids have so much fun playing together making up games and exploring new places that you hardly see them ! You can share cooking and cleaning up as no one person is the host . It can also be hard as people have different ways of doing thins and you need to blend and consider everyone when making decisions , after all it's everyone's holiday ! It becomes far more social and you can have some really great discussion around a camp fire with a glass of wine in your hand. When you are doing a long camping trip like ours is can be nice to break up your solitude with short camping trips with others as you really don't have the same social contact with other adults as you would normally have with a work place , school or friends.

So as much as we didn't get to see as much of the Barossa as we would have likes , we have really enjoyed this place and would like ot visit again another time . We are looking forward to the next chapter of our camping trip , taking this extended Hungarian family camping in the Aussie Bush !


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