Easter in Albany !

Hi ,

We had the opportunity to go to Albany for Easter to do some Paragliding and remind the kids about camping life !

We had an absolutely great time with beautiful weather and great flights!

Shelley Beach

We went as part of the Sky Pirate Paramotoring Club and so were allowed to camp at the Albany Riffle Club ! ( as this campsite is not open to the public ) This was a huge campsite that was not crowed at all which is always a concern when going away during any holiday time . It had all the facilities we needed and even a few luxuries like hot water showers ! It was also a another opportunity to test out our new gear !

We had great flights at Mutton Bird Island and Shelley Beach ! As always, the kids love being part of this and just enjoy being outdoors ! They have so much freedom and it is reflected in them as they are calmer and happier . This is one of the main reasons we love getting away , we believe kids need space to explore, play, imagine, create, learn and grow without too many rules so they can learn their own boundaries and limitations .

This is a truly beautiful part of the world which we love to explore on a regular basis and I highly recommend it as a starting place for new campers ! Just remember it can get very cold and wet in Winter !


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