Quick Adventure Getaway - Albany WA

So after all the craziness of end of school , busy wedding season and of course Christmas we needed a getaway !

Albany has always been our go to at this time of year ( at least for the past 10 years!), not only because you can escape the heat of Perth, the beautiful scenery but because we can usually get some good Paragliding in , and this year was no exception .

As you know we usually like to free camp but at this time of year it is just too busy for us so we are lucky enough to be part of a club that allows us access to a private campground that is lovely and very quiet with lots of space for the kids to roam , so although this is a busy time and it does put a lot of people off camping you just need to look a little further and see if there are different options that might work for you .

We had just 10 days between jobs and we did so much in our time down here , lots of beach driving , 4 Wheel driving, swimming , exploring and some really great Paragliding ! There were a few wild days which we weren't expecting but we just enjoyed a different side to Albany and decided as were close to town to have a pizza picnic in the tent one night rather than be out in the wind and rain , the kids loved it !!

We celebrated NYE and welcomed in 2020 with everyone from the caravan park by setting off a replica canon and it may look small but boy did it pack a punch !! my ears were ringing for an hour after that. We could even see all the fireworks in the distance and it was a really unique and beautiful experience we and the kids really enjoyed .

The paragliding community is growing but it never stops to amaze me how nice and helpful people can be , We were lucky enough to go to a couple of new sites and get some great flying in just because of the people we talked to .

We had a brilliant camping trip including 4 days of beautiful flying to remember this great place by as we now no longer know when we will be back.

We are now in full swing of getting ready for our next adventure !

Check out a heap more photos in our Gallery Page !!


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